The Seven Deadly Sins as Breakfast Sandwiches

Dear reader,

The McManwich Blog will be reporting on the question at the top of everyone’s mind: what if the Seven Deadly Sins were breakfast sandwiches? The answer is much more complicated than you think (and I know you were thinking all breakfast sandwiches are just sloth; NOT true).

On the surface, the breakfast sandwich seems like a simple, singular slice of the sandwich world pie chart. The construction of the breakfast sandwich rests on only four pillars: bread, egg, meat, cheese (meat being used loosely here, as many vegetarian replacements can still work well). Now, don’t you dare for even a second think that bread, egg, meat, and cheese are all the necessary and sufficient conditions to define a breakfast sandwich. Here is where personal flare comes in.

You got a hot sauce in your fridge? Squirt some on there. Ripe avocados? Slap it in, take a pic for Instagram, and maybe eat it after (the picture was the important part anyway). They tossed two packets of ketchup in your McMuffin® take out bag? Rip ’em open with your teeth, draw out thick red lines as bite markers, chomp, and repeat. The depth of possibilities is really up to the eater, and personal taste will dictate what additions or combos can be created.

There is a variable of the breakfast sandwich equation that is key in distinguishing one sandwich from the next, revealing the character of both the eater and the sandwich itself. This is the bread; the vessel in which the breakfast sandwich experience is delivered. It is in that defining sandwich-detail that we find the devil taking one of his seven forms: pride, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, or envy.

Inspired by the season of Lent, The McManwich Blog will be publishing reports on seven distinct breakfast sandwich styles as part of the series “The Seven Deadly Sins as Breakfast Sandwiches.” Follow along with the series using the links below:

Superbia (pride) – bagel 

Luxuria (lust) – brioche bun  

Avaritia (greed) – french toast (coming soon)

Gula (gluttony) – croissant (coming soon)

Acedia (sloth) – sliced bread (coming soon)

Ira (wrath) – english muffin (coming soon)

Invidia (envy) – biscuit

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